• Object Vaga Bond
  • Colours 12 Unique Color Combinations
  • Dimensions 800 x 800 x 400mm
  • Material Nickel frame with colored glass, with aluminum name tag (numbered 01 - 12)
  • Year 2022
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1/14 Vagabond | Nº 01/12
2/14 Vagabond | Nº 02/12
3/14 Vagabond | Nº 03/12
4/14 Vagabond | Nº 04/12
5/14 Vagabond | Nº 05/12
6/14 Vagabond | Nº 06/12
7/14 Vagabond | Nº 07/12
8/14 Vagabond | Nº 08/12
9/14 Vagabond | Nº 09/12
10/14 Vagabond | Nº 10/12
11/14 Vagabond | Nº 11/12
12/14 Vagabond | Nº 12/12
13/14 Vagabond | Collection
14/14 Vagabond | Collection

Vagabond Collection

The Vagabond tables, as the collection is called are a family of 12 low tables, all 80 by 80 cm with 40 cm height, combining different coloured glass tops with nickel frames. Each of the tables has a unique colour combination, and they are all produced by hand in Belgium. It’s the result of an intensive two year research and production in colour, form and material and the testament to a deep understanding of how these can impact our moods.

The combination of the coloured glass tops with the nickel frames results in a surprising contemporary and elegant feel. Nickel has a nice warm light golden hue, contrasting with the sleek and graphic shape of the table. It’s also very corrosion resistant and gets a natural patina over time.

The tables embrace a number of apparent contradictions: humble and bold; playful and serious; cold and warm. Each table unique in its way through colour, yet identical in its form. Their purpose as both artistic and functional objects is an invitation to the owner to enter into a dialogue.

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