• Object Piece
  • Colours Pink/Red, Green/Lightblue, Terracotta/Blue
  • Dimensions 2400 x 800 x 750mm
    1940 x 700 x 750mm
    800 x 800 x 750mm
  • Material Lacquered steel and a lacquered sustainable eco mdf/zf wood.
  • Year 2013
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1/14 PIECE | Pink/Red
2/14 PIECE | Pink/Red
3/14 PIECE | Pink/Red
4/14 PIECE | Pink/Red
5/14 PIECE | Pink/Red
6/14 PIECE | Pink/Red
7/14 PIECE | Green/Lightblue
8/14 PIECE | Green/Lightblue
9/14 PIECE | Green/Lightblue
10/14 PIECE | Green/Lightblue
11/14 PIECE | Terracotta/Blue
12/14 PIECE | Terracotta/Blue
13/14 PIECE | Terracotta/Blue
14/14 PIECE | Terracotta/Blue


It’s the earth of American deserts. It’s the sky in Italy”.
It’s above all an idea of peace! It’s a piece to enjoy, to work on, to eat on, to look at”.

The goal is to give the owner freedom of dialogue, by changing the color of the top of the table.
In search for a universal language of form and freedom, of color and simplicity.
The finished product is a result of an intensive process of research, minimalizing and fine-tuning to achieve the essence.

All piece tables are made by hand.


Colour combinations:

  • Terracotta frame with changeable blue and terracotta top
  • Green frame with changeable green and light blue top
  • Pink frame with changeable pink and cherry red top
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