M A R I A  S C A R P U L L A
a belgian based design studio run by Maria Scarpulla and Jori Hernalsteen.

Their work focusses on  piece-furniture and  functional objects.
The quest to find a universal language of form and freedom, of color and simplicity, leads them to subtle,
poetic designs that express their love of life and timeless beauty.
Objects dazzle and blend into their environment owing to their minimalist composition, preceded by disciplined
fine-tuning and nuance, careful color and contrast studies. 
Maria’s subtle designs grow stronger in the chaos of everyday life.
Their purpose as both artistic and functional objects is an invitation to the owner to enter into a dialogue.
In their own words ‘a conversation in color and form’
Maria Scarpulla designs are changeable, modifiable to the mood and tune of the day.

The ‘conversation’ must not stop

photo: Oona Bovri




© Maria Scarpulla all rights reserved

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