You Know The Way, Right?

30 paintings, 30 tables - use a table as a canvas

— 2019

“Most of the time we are in such a hurry, in a hurry to walk, no time to talk.”

The series presented during the exhibition consists of thirty unique tables with frames in three colors: blue, pink and green. The frames are combined with a rotating top with two different colors, in all thirty tabletops one side is always red. The common thread throughout the collection. Each table contains a singular abstract painting made by Maria Scarpulla, which connects furnishings and art. The paintings are made over a 2-year period in her studio in Gent.
The contrast between the minimalist shapes of the tables and the abstract elements of the paintings provides a surprising result. The design transcends the functionality of the object - a delineated, sleek and pure object - by the addition of a free, intuitive artwork.

The work results in thirty unique pieces that give a seductive impression of what is possible. The options stimulate the creativity of the user and give him / her an active role in the design. Their function as unique artworks and objects is an invitation to enter into a dialogue with the work. "A conversation in color and form" - a conversation between the designer and those who welcome the objects in their environment. The presentation during the exhibition - conceived as a total installation or Gesamtkunstwerk - contributes to this dialogue.

You know the way, right?


© Maria Scarpulla all rights reserved

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