Table / PIECE

— 2013

It’s the earth of American deserts. It’s the sky in Italy.
It’s above all an idea of peace! It’s a piece to enjoy, to work on, to eat on, to look at.

Color combinations
Terracotta frame w/︎ changeable blue and terracotta top
Blue frame w/︎ changeable terracotta and blue top
Green frame w/︎ changeable green and light blue top
Pink frame w/︎ changeable pink and cherry red top
Yellow frame w/︎ changeable yellow and light blue top

Lacquered steel and a lacquered sustainable eco mdf/zf wood. 

The goal is to give the owner freedom of dialogue, by changing the color of the top of the table. The finished product is a result of an intensive process of research, minimalizing and fine-tuning to achieve the essence. The objects are hand made by local craftsmen.

Dimensions model #1   2400mm  x  800mm x  750 mm
Dimensions model #2   1940mm  x  700mm  x 750 mm

Terracota / Blue ︎

Green / Light Blue ︎

Pink / Cherry Red ︎


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